IAS Summer-Excursion to Harry Brot

  Group Picture Copyright: RWTH IAS

In touch (nearly) with Food industry: a look behind the scenes of the baking factory of Harry Brot in Ratingen.

Presentation of Harry Brot. Copyright: RWTH IAS

For another year we have chosen an interesting destination nearby, where we can get new insights into applied science and technology. This time the trip took us to Ratingen to Harry Bread where we could get insights into a baking-facory.

Baking and science and technology? Definitely! The degree of automation is high. Fully automatic baking lines, where bakers only ensure the correct setting of the process, 3m long breads and autonomous forklifts in parallel with man-controlled forklifts. A total of 12 truckloads of grain are baked to 220t bread. Each day. It was really impressive.

After the visit, we ended the afternoon in the center of Düsseldorf. A big thank you from us goes to Harry Brot for this interesting insight.