System-Level modeling and simulation of digital centric transmitters


With the advent of 3GPP and LTE, there are already many existing wireless technologies, including GSM, UMTS, GPS, WLAN, etc. Furthermore, other mobile standards will continue to emerge in the future. Therefore, in order to satisfy the demand for multiband-, multimode- and multistandard-operation of mobile base stations and terminals, system integration is one feasible solution for achieving flexibility, high data rate and energy-efficiency of RF transmitter. Polar architecture using digitally modulated Power Amplifier (PA) is a very potential candidate regarding flexibility and efficiency. In this project, the system-level models should be established to ease the evaluation of the architecture.

Especially important issues are about, how to process the amplitude signal with high crest factor caused by wide bandwidth modulation scheme, to deal with the extreme high bandwidth phase signal, and to combine them both properly with as high energy efficiency as possible and linearity performance conforming to standard spectrum mask, Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR) and Error Vector Magnitude (EVM). For the system level modeling and simulation, SystemC and Matlab are used.

In order to enable the architecture for wideband wireless communication, several signal processing algorithms should be applied to reduce crest factor and bandwidth of phase signal by avoid zero

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