Multiband switching-mode power amplifiers

  Multiband switching-mode power amplifiers Copyright: RWTH IAS

Future wireless systems are expected to provide increased information capacities, better coverage, lower handset costs and better integration of voice, data and information. These issues poses new and more stringent challenges on both circuit and system design. This leads to a tighter trade-off between linearity and power efficiency, which demands more efficient power amplifiers (PAs).

The development of multiband PAs, in general, and switching-mode power amplifiers (SMPAs), in particular is key in order to seamlessly cover already existing standards such as GSM and WCDMA and future communication standards like LTE and WiMAX with the same low-cost hardware.

Multiband SMPAs require accurate harmonic impedance control not only at the fundamental frequency, but also at a few higher harmonics. Therefore, designing load coupling networks which accurately provide the desired fundamental and polyharmonic frequency impedances for two or more bands is a challenging task.

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