Power electronics for small sized solar cells

  Margarethenhoehe Copyright: Universität Stuttgart, IWB

The Margarethenhoehe in Essen.



EnQM – Efficient power electronics for aesthetic solar roof tiles and optimized energy flows in heritage-protected buildings.


EnQM – Solar Energy of heritage protected Houses

Concept Copyright: Universität Stuttgart, IWB  

In the project "Energy Efficiency Quartier Margarethenhöhe" (EnQM), IAS is working on power electronics for solar roof tiles. Together with the IWB in Stuttgart and the GWI in Essen, the goal is to expand the possibilities for energy-related refurbishment in building monuments. On the example of the heritage-protected building stock of the Margarethe-Krupp-Foundation in Essen, various measures for the renovation are taken. These are in detail:

  • Thermal insulation with a newly developed interior insulation
  • Ultra flat underfloor heating
  • Optimization of energy flows by linking consumers to a Smart Home System
  • Generation of electrical energy by solar cells on roof tiles
  • Storage of energy to increase own consumption

IAS mostly is working on the two last mentioned projects. When using solar energy on roofs of heritage-protected buildings, the exterior appearance must not be impaired. Therefore, together with an industrial partner, optically neutral roof tiles with solar cells are developed.

To increase the energy yield, a chip is developed at the IAS, which operates every roof tile in its Maximum PowerPoint.

The roof tiles are connected in parallel on the roof. The voltages of the roof tiles are brought to a, for all tiles equal, higher voltage by the circuit with the developed chip. Thereby, differences in the voltages of the solar cell arrays can be compensated. A commercial inverter then feeds the energy from the intermediate circuit into the domestic power network, where it is immediately available for use or can be temporarily stored for later use in a battery.

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