Communication for Power Grids of the Future

  Connect Intro Copyright: ECSEL  


Connect Grid Concept Copyright: Infineon Technologies AG


CONNECT – Ultra low power transmitter for sensor nodes for consumption data aggregation in the Smart Grid

  CONNECT Grid Concept Copyright: Infineon Technologies AG

The energy grid of the future will be characterized by communication and bidirectional power flows at all hierarchies in order to be able to react effectively and quickly to fluctuations in energy production and consumption. In this context, the CONNECT project aims to halve the peak power demand.
This is made possible by innovations in the following fields of research

  • Efficient DC-DC converters for DC microgrids
  • Highly efficient AC-DC converters for optimized energy throughput
  • Intelligent energy management to control energy flows
  • Secure and efficient wireless and wired communication for transport of energy monitoring data
  • Cost-effective integrated magnetic field sensors

In this project, IAS is primarily active in the field of wireless communication. For this purpose, a transmitter, which is used to aggregate the consumption data in sensor nodes and supports various protocol standards, is developed. Since the current consumption is absolutely critical, a wake-up receiver is to be implemented, which is the only active communication block in sleep mode. An integrated capacitive ultra-low-power AC-DC converter is developed with the aim of efficiently generating the retentive current from the mains voltage.

  Micrograph of the chip Copyright: RWTh IAS

Part of the project is the development of a Multi Band Ultra Low Power Tranciever. For high reliability in data transmission, this uses three different frequency bands (433 MHz, 866 MHz, 2.4 GHz).