IAS Lectures Copyright: RWTH IAS

Bachelor's Lectures

All lectures that are intended for the Bachelor's level (see illustration) are held in German.

In the Bachelor's program (see illustration), the course Schaltungstechnik 1 (STEC1, formerly ST1) will be offered in the third semester. This subject deals with network analysis, basic transistor circuits, current mirrors, differential amplifiers and basic digital circuits.

The follow-up lecture of Schaltungstechnik 2 (STEC2, formerly ST2) offers a comprehensive understanding of system requirements as well as the physical constraints and limitations of analog and mixed-signal functions. The subject includes operational amplifiers, filters, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, power converters, phase-locked loops and output stages as well as fundamental knowledge on the influence of matching and noise - mandatory for ME, IK, EE.

In collaboration with other chairs of the micro- and nanoelectronics department we offer the lecture of Grundlagen Integrierter Schaltungen und Systeme (GISS) - elective for ME.

Grundlagen der Hochfrequenz-Systemtechnik (HFST, formerly GHFS) is an elective lecture aimed at students in their 6th semester. The course provides the basics for understanding high-frequency transmission using the example of the mobile radio system GSM as well as serial transmission using the example of an optical transmission path - elective for ME, IK.