IAS Lectures Copyright: RWTH IAS

Master's lectures:

Participants of our master's degree will have the chance to acquire advanced knowledge in circuit design while following the lecture Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC, formerly AMS) of Professor Heinen - elective MINA, COMM, BMSE, SYAT. Here students learn integrated circuit concepts for bandgap references, operational amplifiers, DC-DC as well as AC-DC converters and LED drivers.

On the part of systems engineering we offer the lecture RF Systems held by Professor Negra. The focus is on microwave technology and its applications. The follow-up course, held by Professor Heinen, is titled RF Communication Circuits (RFTC) and provides a broad overview about high-frequency architectures of modern mobile applications - elective MINA, COMM, SYAT.

The Principles and Design of Communication Systems and Networks (PCSN) course gives students an overview of the basics of wireless communication networks. The event will be offered together with the iNETS and the ICE. The IAS provides an overview of the most important content required for the RF frontend specification.