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The IAS is researching a wide range of topics in integrated analog circuits.The following list provides an overview of the Bachelor's and Master's theses that are ongoing and completed at IAS. We offer thesis in the area of

  • Integrated RF systems
  • HF CMOS circuit integration
  • Design methodology for HF-SystemOnChip
  • Integrated Power Electronics

If you have an own idea for a bachelor's or master's thesis, you are welcome to come to us.In this case, please contact Ralf Wunderlich.


Open Thesis

Topic Type Content Supervisor
Automated Parameter Extraction and Model Generation of an Analog-to-Digital Converter Bachelor, Master PDF Alexander Meyer
Design of an Integrated Crystal Oscillator in a 28 nm Technology Bachelor, Master PDF Lantao Wang
Design of an integrated Wake-Up Receiver Frontend Bachelor, Master PDF Christopher Nardi

Design of an Inductor DC Resistance Current Sense for DC-DC Converters

Master PDF Michael Hanhart
Modellgestützter Top-down Entwurf einer IQ-Imbalance Kompensation Master PDF Christoph Beyerstedt
Entwicklung einer modellbasierten eventgesteuerten Kleinsignalanalyse für integrierte HF Systeme Master PDF Christoph Beyerstedt
Analyse von Gedächnisbehafteten Nichtlinearen Schaltungen und Entwicklung eines Eventgesteuerten Modells Bachelor, Master PDF Christoph Beyerstedt

Ongoing Thesis

Task Type Author Content Supervisor
Design and Analysis of an Integrated Low Drop-out Regulator for All-Digital PLLs in 28nm Technology Bachelor Marc Faßbender PDF Lantao Wang

System-level Design and Implementation of an All-Digital PLL in 28nm Technology

Master Fabian Maul PDF Jonas Meier

Completed Thesis - since Oktober 2018

Task Type Author Content Supervisor
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Sense Structure for Pulse Measurement of Steep Voltage and Current Transitions in Power Electronic Applications Master Kenny Vohl PDF Tobias Zekorn
Design and Implementation of a Comparator with minimal Signal Transition Time Bachelor Johannes Kuhn PDF Michael Hanhart
Integration of a wakeup receiver in RIOT OS for a wireless sensor node Master Steffen Robertz Johannes Bastl
Design and Implementation of a Calibration Loop for static Comparator Offset Minimization Bachelor Jonas Zoche PDF Michael Hanhart
Design and Implementation of an integrated Phase-Locked Loop for Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters Master Alexander Meyer PDF Tobias Saalfeld
Design and Implementation of a Time-to-Digital
Converter for All-Digital PLLs in 28nm Technology
Master Tim Lauber PDF Jonas Meier
Automated implementation of the digital configuration interface for application specific integrated circuits Master Zhihong Lei PDF Johannes Bastl
Design and Implementation of an integrated Linear
Voltage Regulator
Master Léon Weihs PDF Leo Rolff
Development of a Framework for Automated Characterization of customdesigned analog an RF circuit block Bachelor Viorica
Jonas Meier
Design and Implementation of a Power-over-Ethernet Unit fordistributed sensor and control applications Bachelor Richard
Tobias Zekorn
Design and Analysis of a Noise Shaping Integrating Quantizer for Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulators Bachelor Damian
Tobias Saalfeld
Modification of BSIM Transistor Models for Simulation of Cryogenic Temperatures Bachelor


Fabian Speicher
Development of a reconfigureable passive Sliding-IF Mixer Bachelor Alexander
Christoph Beyerstedt
Modeling of the Influence of Supply and Substrate Coupling on RF Circuits Bachelor Alexander
Fabian Speicher