Influence of doping concentration on DC and RF performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on silicon substrate

Marso, M. (Author); Javorka, P. (Author); Dikme, Yilmaz (Author); Kalisch, Holger (Author); Bernat, J. (Author); Schäfer, C. (Author); Schineller, B. (Author); von der Hart, A. (Author); Wolter, M. (Author); Fox, A. (Author); Jansen, Rolf H. (Author); Heuken, Michael (Author); Kordos, P. (Author); Luth, H. (Author)

Berlin / Wiley-VCH (2003) [Journal Article]

Physica status solidi / A, Applications and materials science
Volume: 200
Issue: 1
Page(s): 179-182